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Choice of body massage type depends on your mood and health. To refresh relax your mussels, massage is an only option. We provide full Body Massage in traditional way with traditional Ayurvedic and Organic ingredients and Oil or, in modern way with international branded substances. You will get Indian Massage, Thai Massage, Balinese Massage and Swedish Massage of your choice @our place or @your place.

Specialized Massage

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Shirodhara after massage is an excellent remedy on stabilizing mind-set, mind conditions or just calm-down your anxiety to a large extent, but Sole Shirodhara is also helpful. We provide Shirodhara in a traditional way with traditional Ayurvidic and Organic ingredients and Oils. The most interesting part of Shirodhara is that, it is not confined to any physical or mental conditions.
Anyone can take it, and there are no side-effects, unless you are sensitive to a natural ingredient.

Body Scrub & Polish

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Who like hairy body? No one! Neither of own, nor of the partner. You may name it manness, or anything else… Deep down there, now you know the truth; early realization saves a lot… …; are you happy having it all over, still people refrain from removing it by waxing (common wax) because it’s painful, this is very true. Less painful Chocolate wax introduced and more men came closer. After Chocolate Wax, more research of previous 5-7 years has brought situation as “it is not the condition now”. There is a lot evaluation done in waxing. Researchers are working on new, ‘less painful hair removing’ material and technic like ‘Stripless Waxing’. Now with this new generation technology you can get hair removed from the most sensitive and soft places on the body with a very less pain.
Please note commonly Wax is accepted by any skin type, but it is better to check if you already have allergy with any chemical substance. May be you find rashes and redness at sensitive places or, at many places on skin after waxing; offcourse if your skin is too tender, remember it is common and goes away. Also, please note for some people three four days after Brazilian waxing, it is possible to find emerging irritating bumps in that area. It is because the hair are growing and finding way to come up the skin. Normally it should not take more than two to three days to be normal.


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Now a day people are over concerned on Health. … It is neither age, nor diet; it is the will to succeed… Present world it growing myth that food you eat must be enriched with vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibre and many other things as required, than only you can built a build. There is too much confusing content on and about guidance on health and Vitamins. Lot of accidents in Gym on Grounds are happening because of this. May be the sportsperson, player, the Parents or the Coach; people are not aware of Vitamin Mineral relation. We help people to understand this vital relation so they may understand what mineral is affected by which vitamin and how to balance; this helps them to maintain bones, muscles immune systems.
Please note vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates levels, effects or affects differ from person to person. This is long term process as there is no pathological test that can check levels of micronutrients in Glands, what you get is level in blood only; An expert ‘Endocrinologist’ may find the fault in glands.

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Skin Treatment

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Marm Chikitsa or Acupressure is part of Ayurveda. It is scientifically proven complete para medical or medicinal kind of treatment. Acupressure is a very easily understandable pathy. An individual can adopt it like Yog, Asan, Pranayam. In this so called modern age, Acupressure plays a vital role to understand your total health conditions, In a precise manner you can process a health check of your Organs and Glands with Acupressure. We provide help to check your body through each meridian. Help you find if you have any present or possible issue with Organ/s or Gland/s. Help you treat related/relevant points for possible recovery.
Please note; keeping Acupressure in daily practice, helps lot to keep away the doctor, but Like other “*pathys” Acupressure also has limits. In seviour health conditions, better you add a ‘pathy’ of your choice to your Acupressure routine. This helps early recovery.

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If you are thinking of or taking a skin treatment, please know that Body Scrub and Body Polish is a must for you. Because all time we are in polluted environment and toxic particles keep entering the pores on skin. Besides, aging dull the shine of the skin. Commonly it is understood that nature take six weeks for new skin layer to take place of the old layer over our body; in other words every six week our entire skin is replaced by new emerging underneath it. Still unless you scrub out, old skin is not gonna away; and you need to polish new skin to shine like young one. We help people by scrubbing their skin periodically, it helps remove the old skin from all over body helping skin pores to open and clean it up. This helps reduce toxic depositions under skin layer causing may be fungal infection, dry skin, acne, pimples and so on. Periodical scrub and body polish, tune and tone the skin and rejuvenateit; just as young.
We provide proper “Javanese Lulur Scrub with it’s ingredients with Organic body posish”and also the modern age scrub and polish. Please note if you have seviour condition related to your Skin, Respiration or Heart; it is advised to make the person aware of it. If you have any skin allergy, better test the scrub (if any international brand you have asked for) normally organic and Ayurvidic ingredients are accepted by skin.

Please note; remember to inform your masseur (the massagist) of everything about your health; because it is suggested, to avoid patients of saviour heart or diabetic conditions. Though even if, you think that your conditions are in control; still inform so as the masseur can manage pressures accordingly.