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Choice of body massage type depends on your mood and health. To refresh relax your mussels, massage is an only option. We provide full Body Massage in traditional way with traditional Ayurvedic and Organic ingredients and Oil or, in modern way with international branded substances. You will get Indian Massage, Thai Massage, Balinese Massage and Swedish Massage of your choice @our place or @your place.

Body Scrub & Polish

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Who like hairy body? No one! Neither of own, nor of the partner. You may name it manness, or anything else… Deep down there, now you know the truth; early realization saves a lot… …; are you happy having it all over, still people refrain from removing it by waxing (common wax) because it’s painful, this is very true. Less painful Chocolate wax introduced and more men came closer. After Chocolate Wax, more research of previous 5-7 years has brought situation as “it is not the condition now”. There is a lot evaluation done in waxing. Researchers are working on new, ‘less painful hair removing’ material and technic like ‘Stripless Waxing’. Now with this new generation technology you can get hair removed from the most sensitive and soft places on the body with a very less pain.
Please note commonly Wax is accepted by any skin type, but it is better to check if you already have allergy with any chemical substance. May be you find rashes and redness at sensitive places or, at many places on skin after waxing; offcourse if your skin is too tender, remember it is common and goes away. Also, please note for some people three four days after Brazilian waxing, it is possible to find emerging irritating bumps in that area. It is because the hair are growing and finding way to come up the skin. Normally it should not take more than two to three days to be normal.

Please note; remember to inform your masseur (the massagist) of everything about your health; because it is suggested, to avoid patients of saviour heart or diabetic conditions. Though even if, you think that your conditions are in control; still inform so as the masseur can manage pressures accordingly.