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Choice of body massage type depends on your mood and health. To refresh relax your mussels, massage is an only option. We provide full Body Massage in traditional way with traditional Ayurvedic and Organic ingredients and Oil or, in modern way with international branded substances. You will get Indian Massage, Thai Massage, Balinese Massage and Swedish Massage of your choice @our place or @your place.

Specialized Massage

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Shirodhara after massage is an excellent remedy on stabilizing mind-set, mind conditions or just calm-down your anxiety to a large extent, but Sole Shirodhara is also helpful. We provide Shirodhara in a traditional way with traditional Ayurvidic and Organic ingredients and Oils. The most interesting part of Shirodhara is that, it is not confined to any physical or mental conditions.
Anyone can take it, and there are no side-effects, unless you are sensitive to a natural ingredient.

Please note; remember to inform your masseur (the massagist) of everything about your health; because it is suggested, to avoid patients of saviour heart or diabetic conditions. Though even if, you think that your conditions are in control; still inform so as the masseur can manage pressures accordingly.